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Benefits Of Hot Therapies

Scientists rigorously looked at the risk of death and cardiac events in more than 2,000 Finnish sauna users over 20 years.

Since nearly everyone in Finland uses saunas at least once a week, that was the control group. The average temperature in the saunas was 174 degrees Fahrenheit.


Those who used a sauna two to three times a week had a 24 percent lower risk of death; and the hard-core users, who went four to seven times a week, had a 40 percent reduction in death compared to those who went for just one session a week.


Spending about 20 minutes versus 10 minutes in the sauna gives you a 52 percent lower risk of cardiac death.


Just how does a sauna prevent death and extend life span?

Heat therapy works by increasing the production of heat shock proteins (HSPs)Altered and damaged proteins are one of the hallmarks of aging, and protein damage can manifest in malformed or unfolded proteins.

HSPs help the proteins refold or, if they are too damaged, break them down and recycle them so damaged proteins don't accumulate.

HSPs also activate our internal antioxidant and repair systems. They prevent damage to proteins from oxidative stress and reduce AGEs, the advanced glycation end products formed from too much sugar binding to proteins and creating inflammation.


Heat therapy also...

Improves cardiovascular fitness

Increases heart rate variability

Supports insulin sensitivity

Regulates blood sugar and blood pressure Increases endorphins for a natural high

Reduces stress hormones

Improves sleep

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