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AMBA Martial Arts

People who teach and train together become family

Welcome to the Amba Martial Arts family. 

Instructors Martin, MJ and Joji Amba are a family and foster a martial arts family environment. To us, it's not simply kicking and punching, but learning all aspects of martial arts. Even though our instructors and students have had a great deal of local, regional, and national open martial arts tournament success, we are a martial arts school first and foremost.

All of our classes are led by adults because we do not believe anyone other than an adult, regardless of their rank, has enough life experience to motivate, inspire or even understand the challenges that a student may have in reaching their martial arts goals.

Amba Martial Arts is a certified Goju-Shorei Karate school, a LEAGUE approved dojo and was voted Top 10 Martial Arts School by The LEAGUE Sport Martial Arts Championships four years in a row (2013-2016).

Whether you train to gain self confidence, help with a bullying situation, learn self defense, exercise, relieve stress or to compete in open tournaments, there is no better activity to do than one that is known for promoting honor, respect and self discipline.

Accepting students from beginner to advanced, aged 4 to adult. Train as a family or on your own.


Monday 4pm-4:45 (ages 4-7),

5:30pm-6:15pm (ages 8 - Adult)

​Wednesday  4pm-4:45 (ages 4-7), 
5:30pm-6:15pm (ages 8 - Adult)

Call  775-223-8282